Gift-giving can be stressful. Slippers? Wrong size. Candles? Wrong smell. Candy? Well, no, candy is always good, but I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before.

I’m here to offer you some excellent ideas that will not only make great gifts but also come with the added benefit of supporting the mission of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, which is to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture through education.

First, consider a Book of the Month subscription. This includes 12 accurate ag books, one delivered each month throughout 2024. The price is $200 and comes with free shipping. Learn which books are included here.

Speaking of books, there’s a book from Feeding Minds Press for almost everyone:

See all of our titles here. If you are looking for something more interactive, or your recipient isn’t much of a reader, you might try one of our card games.

Agriculture Fast Match is similar to the card game “Spot It,” but players have to find and match the same ag-related item on their cards. The deck comes with vocabulary cards that will help players learn about different plants, animals, careers and technology used in agriculture.

Check the Barn is a great game for younger players. This “Go Fish”-style game helps little ones learn the names of different farm animals and where they are housed.

Maybe you are looking for a gift for an adult? If that person cares about agriculture and helping others understand its importance in our everyday lives, consider making an honorarium donation to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Donations go toward creating free educational resources for volunteers and teachers, making teaching and talking about agriculture easy. Honorees will receive a personal note letting them know a donation has been made in their honor and their names will be listed in our annual report.

Finally, there is a way to give a gift without spending any money. You can give the gift of your time by volunteering.

Helping to tell the story of agriculture (your story!) by volunteering in a classroom makes a truly memorable and impactful experience for students. If you want to volunteer and don’t know where to start, check with your state Farm Bureau or Ag in the Classroom coordinator. They often host ag literacy weeks and are looking for folks to sign up for spots.

If you still need help with your ag literacy-loving giftee, check out the Ag Foundation’s store or our recommended book list for more ideas.

May your gifting be stress-free and your gift recipients be happy. And remember…there’s always candy (it did start on a farm).

Julia Recko is senior director, publishing & education outreach, at the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.