This activity is all about CORN!  The goal is to teach consumers that corn is a part of their everyday lives in more ways than food.  Consumers will see and experience sweet corn, field corn, and popcorn.

Ninety-nine percent of the corn grown in America is field corn.  It can be grown in many climates and soils and it can be used for so many different things like livestock feed, cornstarch, corn oil, corn syrup, and ethanol.   The “Corn Belt” refers to states where growing conditions are ideal for corn like Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky.  With the exception of Antarctica, corn is produced on every continent in the world.  There are over 3,500 different uses for corn products.

Set up the following family friendly activity stations:

Station 1--Corn Hole Game--Fun competition for families and friends.

Station 2--Corn Pit (This will be your greatest draw and will keep both children and parents around for a long time.)

Station 3--Corn Guessing Game--This game has consumers guess which item does NOT contain corn or a corn product in it.  Consumers are amazed to discover what everyday products contain corn or corn product in them.

Station 4--What Kind of Corn are we Talking About?--Bring examples of popcorn, sweet corn and field corn to display.  Farmer volunteers explain the different types of corn, and how they are used.  (Consumers are often surprised that popcorn is a variety of corn.) Volunteers should be prepared to answer questions that range from giving advice on how to grow corn in their backyard gardens to helping the consumers understand more about GMOs.

Station 5--Popcorn in a Bag--Purchase popcorn still on the cob and put it in a brown paper bag with instructions on how to pop. Display a popped cob so consumers can see what to expect at home.  Talk about the nutrition of popcorn and that it is a healthy whole grain snack.

Station 6--Orville Reddenbacher--Share  how a famous man turned a 4-H project into America's best-selling premium popcorn.  Rent a popcorn machine and serve free popcorn to all the visitors.  The smell of freshly popped popcorn will draw visitors--everyone likes something for FREE!

Station 7--Display Informational Posters with facts about corn.  Engage with consumers to answer their questions and share your farming experience.  Posters are available for checkout.  Contact Susan Furner at or 801-233-3040.