Corn Academy

Corn Academy
Corn Pit Fun!


This was a successful activity the state Ag Promotions Committee organized for the 2016 Utah State Fair.  To borrow the posters and corn guessing game from the state office, contact Susan Furner.

The following family friendly activity stations were set up in the specialty tent.  

Station 1--Corn Hole Game--Fun competition for families and friends.

Station 2--Roping Dummy--Farm kids were teaching the city kids how to rope.  

Station 3--Corn Pit (It was the greatest draw into the tent.  It kept children and parents around for a long time.)

Station 4--Corn Guessing Game--(Which items contain corn?)

Station 5--What Kind of Corn are We Talking About?--Examples of popcorn, sweet corn and field corn were displayed.  Farmer volunteers explained the different types of corn, and how they are used.  Consumers were fascinated and didn't realize popcorn was a variety of corn.  Volunteers answered questions that ranged from giving advice on how to grow corn in their backyard gardens to helping the consumers understand more about GMOs.

Station 6--Popcorn in a Bag--Popcorn still on the cob in a brown paper bag with instructions on how to pop it were given to every visitor.

Station 7--Free Popcorn--We rented a popcorn machine and served free popcorn to all the visitors.  The smell of freshly popped popcorn was a draw into the tent and everyone likes something for FREE!

Station 8--Informational Posters--Six posters with information about corn were displayed throughout the tent.  It was surprising to the committee how many people actually stopped and read the posters and then asked volunteers about the information.