Utah Farm Bureau's own Brett & Jenna Madsen, and Jenna's father Scott Madsen, will make their television debut with a new docu-series "The American Farm", premiering tonight (April 4) on History at 10pm ET, 8 p.m. MT. The eight-part series is an honest tale of risk, reward, hard work, and innovation, centered on the lives of five family farms across America – the Boyd, Griggs, Meyers, Robertson and Sunderland farms.

America’s farmers are heroes who gamble every last dollar on their own two hands, who wage war every day against an unrelenting assault from Mother Nature and who toil on dangerous machines for backbreaking 20+ hour shifts. Shot on location across the country (Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Alaska and Utah), “The American Farm” is an authentic portrait of the fight to go from seed to stalk, and from farm to fork. The HISTORY series presents an up-close look at one full year of family farming, told through an unprecedented year on the ground, capturing breathtaking visuals, private moments and personal interviews.

The life of the farmer is the great, untold story of America, and the five families featured in “The American Farm” are unflinchingly human from sun-up to sundown. Their compelling, genuine stories represent the ultimate quest for the American Dream, bringing viewers to the front line of the battle farming families wage to bring dirt to life and put food on our plates. From the three young Robertson brothers in Contoocook, New Hampshire, determined to keep their family dairy farm alive, to John Boyd of Baskerville, Virginia, who, when he’s not herding unwieldy cattle or harvesting soybeans, serves as President of the National Black Farmers Association - this is a story steeped in legacy, tradition, and hard work.

Utah Farm Bureau first brought you the story of the Madsen and Sunderland families appearing on this show in the Winter issue of Countryside magazine, and the family has received additional media attention since then to lead up to the series premiere. While excited and a little nervous to see how the show is received, the Madsens felt it was their responsibility to participate and tell the true story of agriculture, and how food gets to American tables and beyond.

In addition to running on History via cable or satellite distribution, History can also be viewed via the Hulu streaming service.