1 to 2 lb. bacon

5 large yellow onions

5 lb. red potatoes (skins on)

Johnny's seasoned salt

garlic salt

black pepper


Polish kielbasa to taste (optional)


Dice bacon and onions and sauté in a fourteen inch preheated Dutch oven. Drain grease, slice potatoes and add to the bacon and onion. Add seasonings to taste. (Add Polish kielbasa if desired). Mix well. Generously sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Cover and cook for approximately thirty minutes. Stir and add more Parmesan cheese. Cook for thirty more minutes. Stir and add more Parmesan cheese and cook for approximately 10 more minutes. Use ten coals on top and ten coals on bottom.

*the secret to good potatoes is to make sure not to stir more than three times or they become mushy.