Serves 4-5 People


 2 ¼ lb. small new potatoes with peel

6, medium boiled eggs, peeled

1 apple, washed and chopped

½ medium sized red onion, diced small

2 tbsp. capers

½ English cucumber, chopped

1 big handful of fresh dill, roughly chopped

½ cup arugula

Salt and pepper


Sauce ingredients:

 Zest and Juice of one lemon

2 generous tbsp. mayonnaise

1-2 tbsp honey

5 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. salt

1 small clove of garlic, finely crushed

1 tbsp whole seed mustard

Freshly ground pepper

1 tbsp dill, chopped


 Scrub the potatoes and boil them the well salted water until tender. Chop the potatoes and add them with the rest of the salad ingredients to a big bowl. (I always wait to add the arugula until right before serving to keep it from getting soggy). Salt and pepper the salad to taste.

 Whisk the sauce ingredients together and adjust any of the ingredients until it tastes like you want it to. Pour over the salad, note that sometimes I don’t end up needing all the sauce, but add as much as you like. Toss, taste again, and adjust seasoning if needed. Refrigerate until ready to serve. At this point add the arugula and toss until the salad is well coated.