The Utah Women's Leadership Committee sponsors the Share a Book | Tell Your Story Program.  The program encourages better agricultural literacy by connecting real Utah farmers and ranchers with Utah students.  

Select a book that you want to share with an elementary school class.  Books are age-based, so select a book that is appropriate for the classroom you will visit.  Share the book then talk about your experience as a farmer or rancher. There are many Ag in the Classroom activites that go along with the books.  If time allows, have the students participate in a learning activity related to the topic of the book. Take questions from the students.  Everyone will learn something new!

After sharing the book, either leave it with the classroom teacher or donate it to the school library for other children to read. Introduce the teacher to the Utah Ag in the Classroom website and leave other resources such as the Ag in the Classroom bookmark, Farm Facts, or other ag-based lesson plans that fit the classroom curriculum. 

Take lots of pictures! Send pictures to Susan Furner at

To finish your Share a Book experience you are required to complete a Google Report Form no later than two weeks after your classroom visit.

Encourage other volunteers to get involved by sharing your experience!