High School Discussion Meet

New this year: In lieu of area FFA Discussion Meets, we would like to invite participating youth to the Utah Farm Bureau Annual Convention for an on-site High School Discussion Meet. This opportunity allows youth to brush shoulders with producers facing the very problems they are discussing. It is also a great immersive experience to see Utah Farm Bureau in action.

Participation is limited to two students per high school. If your school needs assistance in a preliminary contest, we invite you to visit the contact us portion of our website to reach your local YF&R District Chair. Pre-registration is required HERE.

Can't make it in person? 
Participate in the Essay Scholarship: Write a one page or 500 words on Discussion Meet Question #5 
Agriculture uses water for everything from growing crops, raising livestock and moving products to and from farms and ranches. Water issues are often hotly debated, are unique to each region and can pose significant challenges to growers. How can Farm Bureau help address water management challenges and seek long term solutions for farmers and ranchers?”

Submit essays to laura.holmgren@usu.edu by November 8th 

View the 2024 Discussion Meet questions here2024-DM-Questions-FINAL.pdf