The Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service needs a Census of Agriculture response from all the nation’s producers. In order to get an accurate representation of American agriculture – of all farmers and ranchers across the country – NASS will continue to accept completed census questionnaires through spring. NASS has heard that some producers need extra time due to planting, bad weather or gathering documents for taxes and the census. All operations are important and every response matters. NASS is committed to giving producers every opportunity to be represented in these widely-used data.

Federal law mandates that everyone who received the 2017 Census of Agriculture questionnaire complete and return it, even if not currently farming. NASS will follow-up via mailings, phone calls and farm visits with producers who have not yet responded. To avoid these additional contacts, farmers and ranchers are encouraged to complete their census either online at or by mail as soon as possible. For more information call toll-free (888) 424-7828. Web buttons, drop-in ads and other materials to promote the census are available online.