Here is a list of upcoming meetings and dates involving Utah Farm Bureau Federation members and staff. This list will be updated at least monthly and is meant to provide information helpful to Utah Farm Bureau Federation members. This is not exhaustive in scope, and yet will be a good-faith effort to provide information on meetings to serve informational purposes. It is not meant to include all meetings attended to by volunteer members or staff. If you have ideas of meetings that should be included, please send them to for consideration.

November 2019

Regional Advisory Meetings (RAC) for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah's five Wildlife Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) were created by the Utah State Legislature in the early 1990s to get more public input from citizens at the grassroots level concerning wildlife management, rules and regulations. Each RAC is made up of 12 to 15 people who represent various interest groups or constituencies.

Do you have a question, idea or issue idea you would like the RACs to consider? Attend your local RAC meeting, fill out a comment card and speak out when your name is called. Check the schedule at this website to find out which meetings you want to attend. You can also contact RAC members by e-mail (see RAC members list). Remember, there is strength in numbers. If you really want to get the RAC's attention, ask others who share your ideas or opinions to come with you to meetings.

The November RAC meetings will be held at the following times & locations (subject to change without notice):

  • Central RAC, Nov. 12. Meeting begins at 5:30 pm, Wildlife Resources Conference Room, 1115 N. Main Street, Springville
  • Northern RAC, Nov. 13. Weber County Commission Chambers 2380 Washington Blvd. Suite #240, Ogden
  • Southern RAC, Nov. 19. Cedar City Middle School – 5:00 pm
  • Southeastern RAC, Nov. 20. 6:30 pm, John Wesley Powell Museum, 1765 E. Main St., Green River
  • Northeastern RAC, Nov. 21. Uintah Conference Center, 313 E. 200 S. Vernal Meeting begins at 5:30 pm


The topics covered at the meetings will include:

  • Big Game 2020 Hunt Tables and Dates
  • CWMU Management Plans
  • CWMU Rule Amendments
  • CWMU and Landowner Permit Recommendations
  • Statewide Deer Management Plan
  • Variance Rule Amendments
  • Drawing Application Rule Amendments
  • Surrender Rule Amendments
  • Castle Valley Variance Request