The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Utah Farm Bureau, and Utah Cattlemen’s Association are looking to generate additional public interest concerning investigations over the loss of cattle in Utah, Iron, Garfield and Box Elder Counties.

“We take the well-being of livestock, and the respect of private property, very seriously,” said Ron Gibson, President of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation. “Our ranchers care for these animals, and they represent a significant investment in the future of these family-run businesses. We hope the legal process prevails in this situation and those responsible are brought to justice.”

“We are deeply saddened and concerned over recent reports of criminal activity leading to the loss of several cattle in Utah,” said Commissioner Kerry Gibson, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. “As such, it’s important that UDAF and our partners at Utah Farm Bureau and Utah Cattlemen’s Association stand united in condemning these losses, and to incentivize information coming forward that leads to justice,” concluded Commissioner Gibson.

The commissioner’s statement comes on the heels of investigations into three reports of cattle being shot in Utah, Iron, and Box Elder Counties over the last couple of weeks. A $2,000 reward has been contributed by UDAF, Farm Bureau, and Cattlemen’s for information leading to arrest and conviction of the person(s) who maliciously shot livestock in those counties.

“Any loss of cattle is devastating to our ranching community,” said Leann Hunting, UDAF Animal Division Director and Utah Brand Bureau Chief. “We would just ask that anyone with information – hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and others to report any suspicious activity or observations that lead us to a resolution of these crimes.”

According to the US Department of Agriculture’s 2017 census, there are approximately 800,000 head of cattle in Utah with an average value of $1270 each. Signs announcing the reward program are available from the state Farm Bureau office. For assistance in filing claims, please contact Julia Misiego at 801-233-3010.  

If you have information regarding any of the above-mentioned shootings, please report information to:

Utah County Sheriff: (801) 851-4000

Iron County Sheriff: (435) 867-7500

Garfield County Sheriff: 435-676-2678

Box Elder County Sheriff: (435) 734-3800

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Brand Bureau Chief: (801) 538-7100