The Utah Farm Bureau welcomes the appointment of Brian Steed to lead the Utah Department of Natural Resources. Steed comes home to Utah with a wealth of experience managing natural resources for beneficial use with his service directing the Bureau of Land Management in Washington, D.C., and with his time in Representative Chris Stewart’s office.

Steed has always maintained an open door policy and been proactive in looking for solutions to complex problems related to the sustainability of production agriculture and natural resources.

The Department of Natural Resources has a large influence on Utah’s farmers and ranchers, and having an organizational lead with a history of listening and involving multiple stakeholders is critical. With projects ranging from forest fires and wildlife management, to the important Watershed Restoration Initiative, the Utah Farm Bureau is confident Brian Steed will be an effective leader for Utah's agriculture industry.

We want to thank Commissioner Mike Styler for his service to our state. His focus on grassroots relationships with those on the ground has served our state well, and we wish him well in his retirement.