In east central Alabama, halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta, you will find Trantham Farms Inc. The farm is a 1,600-acre row crop and beef cow-calf pair operation owned and managed by Daniel and Carla Trantham, alongside their family. The farm was founded in 1956 and has grown to include a trucking company specializing in transporting poultry feed. The Tranthams also produce and sell over 25,000 square hay bales each year and run a farm store.

With many different business ventures, Trantham Inc. has a large economic impact on the community. The trucking company, Trantham Services Inc., operates 175 trucks and employs over 300 people.

In addition, the Trantham family promotes agricultural literacy by hosting farm tours for various community groups, ranging from economic professionals to youth organizations. They also meet with school educators to discuss implementing ag in the classroom initiatives and activities.

In 2022, they were recognized as Alabama Farmers Federation’s Outstanding Young Farm Family. The spotlight was on them again when they won the Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award at the 2023 American Farm Bureau Convention in Puerto Rico.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall hosted Daniel and Carla on an episode of the Farmside Chat podcast and asked what this award has done for Trantham Farms and their family.

The Tranthams shared they were surprised when learning they were selected for this national honor and are thankful for the platform it has given them to be voices for agriculture. They encourage other Farm Bureau members to apply for the many opportunities offered through Farm Bureau, regardless of operation size.

“We never imagined we would be selected for this award,” Carla said. “It wasn’t about the size of the operation. It was really about what you’ve done on your farm, the growth you’ve experienced and what you bring to the table.”

The Tranthams said being active Farm Bureau members, connected them with a “Farm Bureau family.” They’re grateful for a supportive community of individuals who face similar challenges within agriculture.

President Duvall and his late wife, Bonnie, won the same Achievement Award in 1982. He spoke about the impact the Farm Bureau family has had on him personally and the important role all farmer and rancher members across America play in the Farm Bureau organization.

“The Farm Bureau family is second to none,” Duvall shared. “We need people to be involved, we need all ages, all cultures, all sizes of farms. Regardless of how you do it, we need your voice to be a part of our Farm Bureau family.”

Young Farmers & Ranchers

The objective of the YF&R program is to surface, grow and develop young Farm Bureau members and provide them opportunities and experiences to strengthen their leadership and ensure effective Farm Bureaus. It is a place for farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18-35 to network with each other, develop their personal and professional skills, participate in agriculture issue advocacy and community service.

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