In an effort to align brand program management costs and revenues from brand fees, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is announcing changes to some of the fees and structure that were proposed by the Utah Livestock Brand Board and passed at the 2019 Legislative Session. 

Beginning July 1, brand inspections will cost $1.00 per head of cattle and $2.00 per head of horse. Inspectors will continue to collect fees of $0.25 per head of cattle to pay for predator control, and $1.50 per head of cattle to cover beef promotion. 

Also, the $20 service fee has been removed, as has the extra $0.25 on cattle at the auction. 

Brand inspections are required by law when livestock are changing ownership, going to slaughter, or leaving the state. The inspection program helps curtail theft and establish true ownership. 

The program’s regulatory oversight also includes surveillance and criminal investigations, predator control, and beef promotion, requiring several full-time employees to manage it accurately. 

The following is a revised brand fee schedule, showing areas that have changed.