Farm and ranch families from across the nation donated 25.3 million pounds of food and raised more than $1 million to help fight hunger in 2022 through Farm Bureau’s Harvest for All program. AFBF Young Farmer & Rancher Chair Matt Fimon says the program helps community food banks.

"Harvest for all is a partnership with AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers and local food charities," Fimon said. "So, we provide food to people in need around the United States. It could be rural, it could be urban, but basically, it's an opportunity for our state Farm Bureaus and our county Farm Bureaus to work together with food charities and be able to make a positive impact."

Fimon said the program helps ensure Americans who are facing food insecurity can have access to nutritious food.

"This is a great opportunity and so important because as farmers and ranchers we have a mission to feed America, to feed the people, and this is an opportunity for us to do it directly to be able to donate, whether it be food or whether it be volunteer hours, and continue to make that impact and make it one-on-one and have that close contribution," Fimon said.

He added the work farmers and ranchers provide for the program highlights the spirit of Farm Bureau.

"From a personal perspective, it is truly amazing to see what these county Farm Bureaus and these state Farm Bureaus do and the time they put into it and the sacrifices they make to take that ongoing step to ensure that they're making an impact within their community," Fimon said. "And it shows the compassion and the drive that people have within this organization, to make a positive impact."

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