Have you ever been so caught up in something that you forgot to eat? Or maybe you had a snack attack, then didn’t feel like eating a real meal? While it may not seem like a big deal at the time, our daily food choices have a huge impact on our overall health and wellness. Eating nutritiously can lead to an elevated mood, energy, and self-esteem; reduced anxiety and stress; and even higher productivity, especially when combined with an active lifestyle and a positive outlook.  

March is National Nutrition Month. The theme, “Beyond the Table,” provides a great opportunity to reflect on your eating habits. Consider incorporating one or more of these ideas into your daily eating routine.

  • Hydrate healthfully. Swap at least one sugary beverage with water or another alternative. Love the bubbly sensation of soda? Try flavored sparkling water instead.
  • Snack smarter. Set yourself up for success by choosing filling snacks such as lightly salted nuts, dried fruit without added sugar, fresh popcorn, or fresh fruits and veggies. Love snacking on chips? Pair them with a Greek yogurt dip and veggies.
  • Add to your meal. Rather than thinking of what you can’t eat, focus on what foods you can add to your meal. Consider which food groups are missing from your plate.
  • Step away from your desk. Enjoy your lunch or snack away from your workspace. Eating away from distractions can help you become more familiar with your hunger signs and allow you to more fully enjoy your food.
  • Eat out wisely. When you dine out, choose a restaurant with healthier options (for example, consider the side orders – salads and fruit vs. fries and chips), skip the beverage, or order grilled rather than fried items. Not sure how to make your meal more nutritious at your go-to restaurant? Don’t be afraid to ask! 

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