Utah’s farms and small businesses have had real challenges between the ongoing pandemic and current drought. Despite this, Utah farmers created the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation last year, administering “Miracle Projects” that have delivered more than 1.5 million pounds of food to more than 35,000 hungry Utah individuals and families. These amazing food distribution events, however, require donations. While Utahns have been generous, there needed to be another way to support these ongoing efforts.

At the same time, farmers and ranchers in Utah were looking for ways to get their food products directly to consumers. As was seen during the pandemic, providing multiple ways for consumers to get access to food was sorely needed.
“Even when food markets were struggling, farmers often refused payments so that we could get food to families in need. But we still needed to find a way to pay the cost of feeding these hungry people,” said Ron Gibson, Utah Farm Bureau President. “We knew that if Utahns would just taste local they’d fall in love with it, so we decided to create an online farmers market to deliver Utah-grown food right to their doors.”

Farmers Feeding Utah Inc. was established to make buying Utah products convenient and reasonable. It kicked off recently with a Utah product only subscription box that delivers new products to people’s doorsteps every month. Those interested can subscribe at Box.FarmersFeedingUtah.com. Each month’s box will have new Utah-grown products included. The company partnered with Cogburn Wire Company, an Ogden-based software firm, to create the program.

 “The thing that excites us the most about this effort is our food donation pledge to the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation’s miracle projects for every purchased subscription,” said Joshua Palmer, CEO of Cogburn Wire Company and GovFriend Inc. “It isn’t every day that you can lift a farmer and feed a family in need with the same program.” Those who subscribe will also receive exclusive access to an online marketplace where they can purchase their favorite items from the boxes. This feature will launch later in July adding new products monthly.
“During the pandemic, farmers stepped up to help Utahns in need,” said Brett Behling, Farmers Feeding Utah Inc. Vice President, “Now we hope Utahns will step up and support local food. The future and economic sustainability of Utah farms depends on it.”
For more information on the food subscription box, visit Box.FarmersFeedingUtah.com.