When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the shelves of grocery stores were suddenly empty, and farmers and ranchers were struggling to find a way to get their products to market. In response to this problem, the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation – the charitable arm of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation – was created and started holding “Miracle Projects” across the state. Money donated to the foundation was used to purchase products from Utah farmers and ranchers and put those products directly on the tables of families in need. 

The “Miracle Projects” were certainly a success and distributed more than 1 million pounds of food to needy families in its first year. However, there needed to be another way to keep supporting Utah’s farmers and ranchers, providing another way to get Utah food to Utah families, and help feed families in need. 

That’s when Farmers Feeding Utah, Inc. was born.


The Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace

“A series of divine inspirations led to the launch of Farmers Feeding Utah Inc., which I thought was just about the best idea I have ever heard,” said Paige Norton, an employee of Farmers Feeding Utah, Inc. 

The idea was for Farmers Feeding Utah Inc. to essentially cut out the middleman, paying Utah producers more than they would normally receive while still allowing the products to be sold at a fair price to consumers.  

“We are giving people hope,” Norton said. “Whether it's a purchase from a Utah farmer or rancher, or the fact that we have a solid path moving forward that can bless every Utah farming and ranching family, there is great hope for everyone.”  

The Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace was launched to bring Utah-grown and produced foods directly to consumers. Described as Utah’s online farmers market, everything is purchased through the website and delivered directly to your doorstep. Items that can be purchased from the marketplace range from milk and cheese to salsa, beef, chocolates, and more. 

As part of the plan to make local food more accessible, Farmers Feeding Utah, Inc. (FFU) also purchased a meat processing plant in Ogden and created its own product line. 

“It is a work in progress now, but amazing things are on the horizon at that location,” Norton said. “The Farmers Feeding Utah, Inc. line of products is one of the things I'm most excited about. Utah ranching families raise Utah cattle that are then processed in Utah and turned into amazing value-added products. These products are a hit and we're looking forward to when we can sell the FFU Inc. products at every gas station, sporting arena, etc. in the state.”  

Named after some of Utah’s most iconic outdoor attractions, the FFU Marketplace product line includes items like Hell’s Revenge snack sticks, Timpanogos Teriyaki beef jerky, and Goblin Valley summer sausage, just to name a few. These can be purchased from the online marketplace at any time.


Touch of Utah Subscription Box 

In addition to serving as a hub for local products, Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace also offers a monthly subscription box.  

The ‘Touch of Utah’ food box is more than your typical subscription box. Each box is unique, full of products from the Beehive State, and helps support Utah’s agriculture and small businesses. The box costs $99 a month and is delivered right to your doorstep. 

The ‘Touch of Utah’ subscription can also be given as a unique and delicious gift. For now, these boxes can only be shipped in state, but the plan is to be able to ship these boxes nationwide, making a great gift for family and friends who have moved away or for those who want to experience all the products Utah has to offer.

“Using Farmers Feeding Utah, Inc. in your gift-giving is a total win-win situation,” Norton said. “You not only get to give someone an amazing gift, but you’re giving a gift that is directly helping Utah’s farmers and ranchers. Whether you give someone a membership for the ‘Touch of Utah’ subscription, or you give someone a one-time Custom Crate you know it is a gift that they’re sure to love and use.” 

Custom Crates are one of the newest editions to the marketplace. There are currently three different Custom Crates available for purchase - the Beef Box ($89.99), Breakfast Box ($49.99), and Natural Necessities ($49.99). These boxes are only available for a single purchase, not a subscription. 

With each ‘Touch of Utah’ subscription, food is donated to the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation through the company’s food pledge, helping both Utah families in need and keeping farmers and ranchers in business. 

Products featured in the ‘Touch of Utah’ box and Custom Crates are also available for purchase individually on the Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace. Anyone can purchase from the marketplace, regardless of whether they are signed up for a subscription box or not. Sign up for a ‘Touch of Utah’ subscription box at box.farmersfeedingutah.com or explore all the Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace has to offer at www.farmersfeedingutah.com.

Editor's Note:

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the Farmers Feeding Utah Marketplace, contact Paige Norton at paige@farmersfeeedingutah.com or 801-833-1135, or scan the QR code below for the vendor questionnaire.