PURPOSE - The Utah Agriculture Political Action Committee (AGPAC) was organized in the mid-1990’s to assist members of the committee in making contacts with legislators and in developing positive relationships between members’ businesses and legislators in the Utah Legislature.  It is the not the purpose of Utah AGPAC to lobby legislators on specific bills or legislation.  Utah AGPAC represents agricultural businesses in the State of Utah, including but not limited to corporations, cooperatives, limited liability companies, partnership, limited liability partnerships, and sole proprietorships which are mainly involved in the production, processing, sales and marketing of agricultural products.  It is intended that membership be limited so as to preserve the unity of purpose and philosophical integrity established by the founding members of AGPAC.

MEMBERSHIP – Qualified businesses may become a member of the Utah AGPAC by making a contribution of at least $5,000 to AGPAC in a calendar year and by the approval of 75% of the current members of Utah APAC. Contributions less than $5,000 are accepted and certainly help Utah AGPAC move forward in accomplishing its purposes.   

ACTIVITY – Utah AGPAC is a regular, key sponsor of the weekly Utah Legislative Rural Caucus Breakfast meetings held each Friday morning during the seven week Legislative Session.  Utah AGPAC hosts legislative agricultural tours for purposes of educating key lawmakers on today’s challenges in sustainable, production agriculture.  In addition, Utah AGPAC financially contributes to a number of Utah legislative campaigns.  These combined efforts and others help strengthen relationships with Senate and House leadership  as well as other legislators for the primary purpose of telling the agriculture story.      

LEADERSHIP – Ron Gibson, President of the Utah Farm Bureau currently serves as elected Chair of the Utah AGPAC.  For more information, contact Terry Camp, Vice President of Public Policy, at or 801-233-3001.