Policy Development


Farm Bureau's renowned grassroots-policy development process starts with individual Farm Bureau members who are concerned about an issue.

Policy Development is a fundamental, primary purpose of Farm Bureau.  Farm Bureau members recognize they are citizens first, then Farm Bureau members.  Participating in the Farm Bureau policy development process is a proven, tested exercise that produces sound policy, educated Farm Bureau members and improved, trusted relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including local, state and national elected officials and agency personnel and others.  Farm Bureau's policy development process is a hands on, unique experience anchored in tradition and success.    

Farm Bureau Policy is developed in two ways, through . . .

  1. County Farm Bureau Annual Business Meetings                 
  2. Policy Issues Research Committees (PIRCs)

Have a concern? Use the following format below to submit a state or national issue to the State Farm Bureau Office for consideration.
Please indicate a brief description of the issue of concern. Do not attempt to explain in detailed language.  Please categorize as one of the following:                        

  • Philosophy
  • Natural Resources
  • Agricultural Marketing, Research and  Regulatory Functions
  • Monetary and Tax
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Labor Relations
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous


For questions regarding public policy contact Terry Camp, Vice President of Public Policy, at 801-718-2769 or terry.camp@fbfs.com.