Policy Implementation

The process of carrying out a Farm Bureau policy has definite steps.  The first step is planning.  What information is required?  Where can it be obtained?  What type of committees will be most effective?  Is local financing involved?  How is the program to be promoted?  Is the cooperation of other groups necessary?  What publicity is needed?  What should be the timetable?  Can the problem be solved without legislation?  Second, is securing widespread understanding.  Everyone must understand what the policy means and what it is intended to accomplish.  The third and final step is action.  Key people know their jobs.  Plans for action have been explained and all preparations made so that when signals come requesting action or support, the response will be strong and instantaneous.      

       2024 UFBF POLICY BOOK                                  


2024 Letter of Support for LeRay McCallister Working Farm and Ranch Fund