The world is full of lessons to learn and agriculture is a great vehicle to teach them!  If you're at home and looking for ways to engage your children with hands-on activities, here are some ideas to try.


March is National Peanut Month.  Visit Utah's Ag in the Classroom Nuts about Peanuts lesson where you can find links to videos on how peanuts are grown, how peanut butter is made, and a recipe for homemade peanut butter!


With Easter just around the corner, try some of these ideas from the American Egg Board.  These "egg-periments" use common household items easily found around your house.

Jaws may drop when you find out that eggs are stronger than they are cracked up to be.  Try  Strong as an Egg and Standing on Eggs.

The Naked Egg teaches osmosis in a fun, hands-on way, or try Egg Drop to demonstrate the law of motion.

Grocery Shopping

Help your children learn the differences between needs and wants, goods and services, and producers and consumers by participating in a grocery store simulation, exploring the source of grocery store items, and designing their own products to sell visit Let's Go Shopping!


Experience the miracle of agriculture while your children observe how a seed sprouts and investigate the conditions necessary for germination to occur in the Farming in a Glove lesson.

As any teacher will tell you, the look of discovery on a child's face is pay day!

For more information and activities visit American Farm Bureau's Foundation for Agriculture or Utah's Ag in the Classroom.