Now may be the time to practice our grandparents' mantra "Use it up, wear it out, make it due or do without." We can literally try to 'do without' for what may be the first time for some of us.

I've found it's almost refreshing to get into the habit again of re-using and recycling, rather than take a more convenient, but more wasteful route. For example, using food that is almost ready to go bad rather than just throwing it out, finally ordering those cloth diapers I've been meaning to use, and making my own baby wipes.  

Here are some ways you can make do with the food you have, to spare yourself from making a trip to the store:

Reinvent Leftovers

Challenge yourself to re-invent one set of leftovers in your week. For example, making stock from chicken bones.  The website has a whole section dedicated to recipes made specifically from leftovers.


Freeze ingredients that you know you won’t be able to use before they go bad. I certainly didn’t know that you can freeze pretty much anything you can buy from the store, with certain preparations. The website has a comprehensive, user-friendly, guide to what can be frozen, and how to do it.

Bit Fuzzy? No Problem

Learn how to revive seemingly expired food. Some products are still perfectly safe to eat, even if they have fuzzy spots. Cheese, carrots and cabbage are all still safe to eat when moldy spots are cut off, just be sure to cut 1 cm around the mold. Others, like wilted greens or celery, can be perked back up by a quick soak in ice cold water.

Substitute It

If you don't have the ingredient you need, check out this list of baking/cooking substitutions

Look to use this time to expand your food preferences and try new recipes, new flavors, and new methods of preparing your food.