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July 18 is National Caviar Day! Did You Know There is Utah Caviar?


Most would be surprised to learn that Utah has its very own supplier of fresh caviar – in Utah County

Reminder for applicants to Utah Leopold Conservation Award


Applications for the Utah Award, which includes a $10,000 award and a Crystal statue, needs to be postmarked by August 5, 2019

Farm Bureau Alerts Senate Task Forces to Farmers’ Tax Extender Priorities


Farm Bureau is calling for long-term certainty on tax incentives related to renewable fuel and energy and railroad track maintenance

Max Out Your Freezer with Tips from No Taste for Waste


Summertime can be hectic in many households, but that doesn’t mean mealtime has to be as well.

Rural Broadband Will Boost Economy, Improve Sustainability and Animal Welfare, Too, Farm Bureau Tells Congress


While most Americans take broadband for granted, 26.4% of rural Americans lack access to broadband

Women’s Communications Boot Camp Fall Session Application Now Open


Farm Bureau women interesting in improving their media and advocacy skills are encouraged to apply for the Women's Communications Boot Camp in Washington, D.C.

Lions and Tigers and… Zebras? Oh my!!


Gilbert has been breeding these exotic animals for 46 years, and finds enjoyment in seeing them in their natural, wild habitat.

A Gen Z Message to the Next Crop


You will be better for your experiences outside of your own fencerows

Who Would Want To Be A Farmer?


Why should children dream of being farmers?

‘Growing Green’, the Latest Purple Plow Challenge, Opens Aug. 1


In this challenge, students will learn about energy in various forms and design as well as build and share a solution that diversifies energy consumption.

New Bill Would Improve Broadband Maps


With limited funding and an overabundance of need, it is critical for federal programs to use accurate broadband maps to target and distribute its funding,

Wisdom of Our Fathers


George Washington shared his political beliefs and philosophy in his Farewell Address with the hope they would continue to guide the nation.

Keeping it fun in the sun


"While we can't always stay out of the sun, there are some things we can do to protect ourselves and limit damage from the sun."

Farm Bureau weighs in on opportunities with increased Broadband Access


Farmers and ranchers depend on broadband just as they do highways, railways and waterways to ship food, fuel and fiber across the country and around the world.

June Cattle on Feed Report Shows Inventory Up from a Year Ago


The increase of 1.6% is slightly above average analyst expectations

DEADLINE APPROACHING: Women's Communications Boot Camp


Women's Communications Boot Camp

Ways and Means Bill Extends Key Tax Credits, But Prematurely Lowers Estate Tax Exemption


Though farmers and ranchers support those provisions, they are adamantly opposed to one that would prematurely end the $11 million per person estate tax exemption three years early

Farm Families Weighed Down by Stress


Farm families are under increased stress this season, challenged by weather, trade issues, the farm economy and many other factors that are out of their control.

Gossner Foods Supporting Community & Troops Through Innovative Business


Just as cream rises to the top, Gossner’s unparalleled focus on others is what has really allowed it to rise as a giant in the community.

My Utah Onion Ring Road Trip


Having recently celebrated National Onion Ring day on June 22nd, we decided to put Utah onions and local restaurants to the test.

Why veterinarians are entering the vaccine debate


The benefits of vaccinations far outweigh the risks when it comes to livestock and pets

Cow Comfort is Focus at New Robotic Dairy in Midway


Far from Jurassic Park, the use of technology on the Kohler dairy is all focused around the mindset of cow comfort, because comfortable cows are healthier and will produce more milk for the family’s cheese, ice cream and milk markets.

Is Farm Bureau upside down?


To be successful and remain a powerful voice in the media, among lawmakers, and in industry, we need leaders throughout all of Farm Bureau.

Utah Farm Bureau News moving to e-newsletter, digital formats


While the new e-newsletter, called FB Connect, will bring enhanced speed and shareability, others may want to focus on specific news issues, commodity groups, or member benefits, and have it delivered directly to their inbox.

H-2A processing timeliness falls as demand climbs


New data from the Department of Labor continues to highlight U.S. farmers’ and ranchers’ increasing reliance on the H-2A program.

In Defense Of Milk (Part 2)


The first article focused on milk quality and safety. This article will address the current recommendations and nutritional benefits of milk.

In Defense Of Milk (Part 1)


In this first article, I’ll focus on milk quality and safety. In a second article, I’ll talk more about the current recommendations and nutritional benefits of milk.

God be thanked for making farmers


We often celebrate the gutsy entrepreneur who starts a business in their garage and grows it into a thriving organization. We rightly applaud these people and the principles that drive them. But anyone who knows an agrarian knows that all of these things are simply a typical day in the life of a farmer.

Reminder – Take the Women in Ag Survey by June 21


All women who are farmers, ranchers, farm/ranch employees, employed in agricultural businesses, pursuing ag-related higher education or supportive of agriculture in other ways are invited to participate in the survey

Farm Bureau Statement on Disaster Relief


Statements from the American & Utah Farm Bureaus on passage of Disaster Relief

Crop Planting Delays Reach Historic Levels Resulting in High Levels of Uncertainty for 2019


All across the farm belt record-breaking precipitation has been causing headaches for farmers with flooding of fields and excess soil moisture.

Court Strikes 2015 Water Rule


A federal court on Tuesday invalidated the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers’ 2015 expansion of federal jurisdiction over small and isolated waters.

Zipline - We need trade, not more tariffs


The solution is not more tariffs. We need a successful end to the negotiations with China, and it cannot happen soon enough.

Farm Bureau Statement on Agricultural Relief


The Trump Administration’s agricultural assistance package is welcome relief to an economic sector that has been battered by foreign competitors and retaliatory tariffs.

Why We Observe Memorial Day


The stories of military heroism, of sacrifice, and of patriotism remind us what is best in ourselves, and they teach our children what is best in America.

Chinese Tariffs Disrupt Utah Farmers


What impact are retaliatory tariffs from China having on Utah agriculture?

House approves disaster bill


The bill provides $3 billion for farm disaster assistance administered through USDA’s Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program, which will help farmers hurt by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019 with expenses related to losses of crops (including on-farm stored commodities), trees, bushes, vines, milk and harvested adulterated wine grapes.

The Zipline: Meeting the challenge of rural stress and suicide


There is no challenge too great for America’s tough, resilient farmers and ranchers. We are meeting this challenge head-on, and together we will overcome it.

Dairy Delight: Travelers Find New Farm-inspired Food Stop Southern Utah


The experience aspect of the ‘Creamery’ store aims to connect with consumers in a new way

Farm Bureau Welcomes Trump Immigration Reform Proposal


Nowhere is reform more critical than in the agricultural sector

More Tariffs on the Chinese Horizon


The increase in these particular tariffs was delayed twice since the investigation determination was published in the Federal Register on Sept. 21, 2018.

Women count in agriculture


Participants will be entered to receive one of five $100 gift cards after the survey closes on June 21.

150th anniversary of Golden Spike celebrates Utah’s piece of history


More than just creating a meeting point that would become a tourist destination and historical footnote, the location of the ‘Golden Spike’ as it would become known has had prolonged impact on Utah.

Toward Better Food Plants: The Promise of Gene Editing


Traditional plant breeding can achieve a desired result, but the process may take many years of trial and error to complete and nurture unwelcome traits.

Utah Rancher Turns Waste Wool into Nourishing Plant Pellets


Along with 2,800 sheep, Wilde, his father and two brothers raise cattle and irrigated crops, primarily alfalfa, on land that’s been in the family since the 1860s.

Agriculture, Natural Resources Groups Support Multi-Stakeholder Proposal to Manage Wild Horses and Burros


The proposal focuses on the congressional appropriations process and does not recommend any amendments to the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

Utah and Michigan cherry growers file dumping case against Turkey


The petition claims Turkey is flooding the U.S. market with dried tart cherries, which is lowering domestic product prices.

New national poll shows impacts of rural economy on farmer mental health


A strong majority of farmers and farmworkers say financial issues, farm or business problems and fear of losing the farm impact farmers’ mental health

Utah Farm Bureau Welcomes Brian Steed as Director of Utah Department of Natural Resources


The Utah Farm Bureau welcomes the appointment of Brian Steed to lead the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

USMCA to Increase Ag Exports by $2.2 Billion


Agricultural exports are expected to increase by $2.2 billion under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Farm Bureau Calls for Quick Passage of Rural Electric Co-op Bill


The recently introduced legislation will ensure that electric cooperatives will not jeopardize their tax-exempt status when they accept government grants for activities like expanding broadband or restoring power after storms and disasters.

Story and Video Contest Winners Announced


2019 Story and video Contest Winners

The 2017 census of agriculture, our first take


The Census of Ag is a herculean effort undertaken by USDA every five years by a staff of dedicated professionals intent on asking the right questions, in the right way, in order to paint the most accurate picture of U.S. agriculture at the time the data is collected.

Don't Forget to Enter the Ford Sweepstakes!


Ford Sweepstakes

Farm Bureau Selects 10th Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class


The American Farm Bureau Federation recently selected an outstanding group of young farmer and rancher leaders as the organization’s 10th Partners in Advocacy Leadership class, including another leader of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation.

Farm Groups Ask President, Congress for Disaster Relief


Farms across the country endured an incredibly difficult year in 2018 and the trend continues in 2019 with challenging market prices and destructive weather conditions

Egg Prices Decline in Time for Passover and Easter


With Passover and Easter approaching, Americans across the country are focusing on eggs.

Failure Means You’re Trying


Failure happens, both on and off the farm. And it’s hard to shake.

The Great Utah Shake Out


Utah earthquake preparedness

Utah Farm Bureau Applauds Nomination of Kerry Gibson to Lead Utah Department of Agriculture & Food


The Utah Farm Bureau Federation applauds the nomination of Kerry Gibson to lead the Utah Department of Agriculture & Food as its next commissioner.

H-2A Wage Changes Increase Cost of Ag Labor


Increases in the minimum wages mandated under the H-2A program present a challenge to farmers who are already facing tight margins

Legislation would help farmers improve irrigation systems


Legislation would help farmers improve irrigation systems

Farm Bureau Helps Hungry Americans Through ‘Harvest for All’


In addition to raising food and funds for the initiative, farmers and ranchers tallied 22,500 volunteer hours assisting local hunger groups in 2018.

Nebraska, Missouri Farm Bureaus launch flood relief funds


Nebraska, Missouri Farm Bureaus launch flood relief funds

Utah Farm Bureau Statement on Confirmation of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt


Utah Farm Bureau Statement on Confirmation of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt

New chapter 12 bill would provide debt relief to more family farmers


The recently introduced Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019 (S.897) will help family farmers reorganize after falling on hard times,

USDA releases Census of Agriculture Data


The data, which is reported at the national, state and county level, will help farmers, ranchers, local officials, agribusiness and others make decisions for the future.

AFBF calls on congress to provide disaster relief now


Farmers and ranchers enduring billions of dollars in losses need Congress to pass disaster assistance immediately.

Iowa Farm Bureau Unites Farming Neighbors, Friends with Online Exchange to Help Flood Victims


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation has launched the Farming Community Disaster Exchange

Clean water rule comment period ending soon


Time is running out for farmers and ranchers to tell EPA how the proposed Clean Water Rule impacts them.

Now is the Time to Weigh in on Proposed Clean Water Rule


Don’t miss this chance to let your voice be heard on clean water rules. Submit your comments online today at

USDA Census of Agriculture to be released April 11


Videos on how to use Census data are now available

County Ag Promotion Grants


Utah Farm Bureau offering every county a $200 grant to promote agriculture/

Madsen & Sunderland families premiere on 'The American Farm' docu-series April 4 on History


Utah Farm Bureau's own Brett & Jenna Madsen, and Jenna's father Scott Madsen, will make their television debut with a new docu-series "The American Farm", premiering tonight (April 4) on History at 10pm ET, 8 p.m. MT.

Check out USFRA’s Farm, Food, Facts Podcast


The discussions are real-time and focus on the top questions surrounding sustainability and food production

USDA Gathers Data about On-Farm Labor


The survey will collect information about hired labor from more than 3500 farmers and ranchers in the Mountain Region states, including Utah

USDA releases planting projections for grains and forage in Utah & U.S.


A summary of USDA projections for planting in Utah

Horse Owners Told to Take Caution as EHM Cases Emerge from Nevada


Nevada officials are reporting multiple cases of an often-fatal neurological form of Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) in horses that have recently traveled in regional rodeo circuits, some of which have been in Utah.

Suzzy Rowley - Sowing the Young Seeds


March is Women’s History Month and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation & American Farm Bureau are taking the time to highlight women in agriculture.

Setting the Stage


When things don’t go as planned, we too learn new ways of doing things and find out what is possible to accomplish within the farm and within ourselves.

Vicky Osguthorpe -- Better Than Diamonds


March is Women’s History Month and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation & American Farm Bureau are taking the time to highlight women in agriculture.

Farm Bureau Helps Hungry Americans Through ‘Harvest for All’


The farm and ranch families of Farm Bureau donated 32.4 million pounds of food and raised more than $362,000 to assist hungry Americans in 2018 as part of the organization’s “Harvest for All” program.

Taking Care of the Ranch and the Rancher


March is Women’s History Month and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation & American Farm Bureau are taking the time to highlight women in agriculture.

Broad coalition urges Congress to protect farm program funding


The American Farm Bureau Federation and several state Farm Bureaus are urging congressional budget writers to reject calls for additional cuts to farm bill programs.

Maria Nye -- "I was NOT going to marry a dairy farmer."


March is Women’s History Month and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation is taking the time to highlight women in agriculture. #Womeninag

Take a Stand for Clean Water and Clear Rules


Farmers and ranchers need to make their voices heard that we support a clear rule that protects agriculture AND clean water.

Utah Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees


In Utah, the $10,000 award is presented with Utah Farm Bureau Federation, Western AgCredit, and Utah Cattlemen’s Association.

Utah Farm Bureau has Two Graduates Recognized in Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class


The American Farm Bureau Federation recently honored 10 outstanding young farm and ranch leaders as graduates of the organization’s ninth Partners in Advocacy Leadership class, two of which came from Utah.

Utah Farmers & Ranchers Need Congressional Leaders to Fight for Free Trade


Simply put, it’s high time to put aside costly disputes and get back to business with our allies in Canada and Mexico.

Let us ‘Dare Mighty Things’ for the future of Utah agriculture


With the continual increase in demand for local food and a limited amount of good farm and ranch land to grow that food, I believe that there is a wonderful future in Utah agriculture.

How do Weather and Drought Impact Ag?


The Foundation for Agriculture recently partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create a free curriculum on how weather and drought impact agriculture

More than 50 Groups Indicate Their Support for Estate Tax Repeal Bills


Repeal is the most effective way to protect family-run businesses from the estate tax

Utah releases updated greater sage grouse conservation plan


The updated greater sage grouse conservation plan will guide the management of bird in Utah for the next five years.

Farm Bill Offers Glimmer of Hope for the New Year


What do I see as promising in the new farm bill? The opportunities for growth, trade and individualization within our farming businesses.

Is U.S. Agriculture Ready for Generation Z?


Gen Z already is showing its independence and economic power in driving food trends

Federal Agencies Recommend Deepening Data Set for Determining Broadband Access


Lack of access to broadband is a major problem in rural America, with 30 percent of rural Americans without it, while only 2 percent of urban Americans are disconnected.

How are farm animals not freezing in winter weather?


When temperatures drop, the health and well-being of the herd are on the forefront of a rancher’s mind.

Culver’s Supports Agriculture Through ‘Thank You Farmers’ Project


Since 2013, Culver’s has helped make a difference by donating nearly $2 million to agricultural education programs

Have You Watched “The Voice of Agriculture 1919-2019” Video?


Watch the special centennial documentary takes a look at the history of the American Farm Bureau

Farm Bankruptcies in 2018 – The Truth is Out There


Farm debt is record-high, but there are options before bankruptcy relief