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Farmers Feeding Utah Making Delivery of Food to Individuals & Food Pantries in St. George on Jan. 29


The distribution of food will take place at the Dixie Convention Center (1835 S. Convention Center Dr.) in St. George.

Foundation for Agriculture Announces 14th ‘Book of the Year’


Financial Support of the Foundation also Recognized

Farm Bureau Looks to the Future of Ag at 2021 Virtual Convention


The virtual convention is free to all, and registration remains open throughout the event

National Poll Shows COVID-19 Taking Heavy Toll on Farmers’ Mental Health


A strong majority of farmers/farmworkers say the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their mental health

Interim director named for Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Rory Reynolds, current DNR deputy director, has been named to serve as DWR interim director.

Coronavirus Aid Package Includes Important PPP Changes for Farmers


The recently signed Coronavirus aid package includes important benefits for American farmers.

Giving Thanks and a Great Resolution for 2021


If we really want to help local agriculture survive and thrive in Utah, we need to insist that our farm and ranch families have a local market for their food

Looking for a 2021 Resolution? How About Attending the First-Ever American Farm Bureau Virtual Convention?


Workshop topics range from the future of the livestock industry to financial planning for disasters and from standing up for agriculture with effective advocacy to sustainability in 2021 and what it will mean for farmers and ranchers.

The Art of Candy Making – My Favorite Holiday Tradition


There is something special in spending time with a loved one and learning a new skill from them.

Singers Sara Evans and Phil Vassar Headline Foundation Night In


Country singers Sara Evans and Phil Vassar will perform at the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s Foundation Night In on Jan. 11 at 5 p.m. Eastern.

All I Want for Christmas is Rural Broadband


In rural areas, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of the population lacks access to broadband

Let Family Traditions Change & Grow Just Like Your Family Does


Let family traditions change and grow just like your family does

New COVID Package Helps Farmers Previously Left Out of Aid


Many farmers and ranchers who were previously left out of aid will now qualify for assistance, including growers who were forced to euthanize livestock during the initial wave of the pandemic.

Food Deliveries Continue for Miracle of Agriculture Foundation's 'Farmers Feeding Utah' Campaign


The Utah Farm Bureau and USU's Create Better Health program continued its 'Farmers Feeding Utah' campaign, with deliveries of food this week to families in Richfield and St. George, as well as Salt Lake area schools

Trade Activity Buzzing for U.S. Agriculture


As 2020 draws to a close, the United States is busy working to improve things on the trade front for American farmers. Chad Smith has more on the trade situation between the U.S. and several partners.

The Bureau of Land Management seeks nominations to the Utah Resource Advisory Council


This citizen-based council assists in the development of recommendations that address public land management issues.

Keeping Christmas Green and Bright on the Tree Farm


Farm Bureau visits with a Christmas tree farmer to talk about what happens the other 364 days a year to grow our favorite holiday centerpieces.

2020 Farm Profitability: A False Positive


To boost farmers and ranchers’ net income next year, two things must happen. Should these circumstances be realized, the U.S. agricultural sector will be on a stronger footing in 2021.

Farm Bureau Asks Congress to Act Quickly on PPP Fix


The American Farm Bureau Federation is asking Congress to tweak the Paycheck Protection Program to ensure farmers and ranchers don’t have to pay taxes on their forgiven PPP loans.

Help to Make the Season Bright


It may be hard to see it sometimes, but there’s always something to be thankful for.

Congressman Chris Stewart Introduces Several Legislative Proposals to Help Rural Counties


Several pieces of newly introduced or reintroduced legislative proposals would provide rural counties in Utah with more stability

Beef commercials air during Hallmark Christmas movies


The 15-second ads are based on the two-hour long video of a prime rib roast slowly cooking over an open flame that was successfully released last year.

What is the Difference Between Sweet Corn and Popcorn?


Utah farmer Tyson Roberts explains the difference between sweet corn and popcorn in a new video.

AFBF Stands-Up for Farmers in Predatory Shakedown


Almost 500 dairy farmers who once sold milk to Dean Foods received letters threatening legal action unless they refund money legitimately earned

Keeping it Warm and Safe While Working in Winter


Here are tips, to help make this winter a safe winter wonderland, for you and your family.

Utah’s farmers & ranchers meet to discuss critical issues impacting Utah agriculture


Despite the challenging year, farmers and ranchers throughout Utah have risen to the challenge to achieve great things.

Registration Open for American Farm Bureau Virtual Convention, Featuring Mike Rowe, Rorke Denver and Beth Ford


For the first time ever, registration fees are being waived to give all Farm Bureau members and anyone interested in agriculture the opportunity to experience this event from the comfort and safety of home.

Congress Working Towards Passing 2021 Spending Bills


Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are working towards an agreement on the 2021 spending package. What does the package mean for farmers and ranchers?

November Cattle on Feed Report Shows Sharp Decline in Placements, Inventory Up


The packing industry should have gotten better at managing this challenge after the crash course in the spring, but whether or not plants have to be closed is still a risk, albeit hopefully a lower one.?

USU Extension Receives Grant for Mental Health in Rural Communities


USU Extension received $200,000 to invest in pilot programs focused on mental health awareness and advocacy for farmers, ranchers and other isolated rural Utahns.

2021 American Farm Bureau Convention Goes Virtual


AFBF is excited to “open the doors” to this virtual convention with free registration to bring together farmers, ranchers and industry experts to discuss the top issues facing agriculture, including the impact of COVID-19, sustainability and the future of the supply chain, and will feature keynote speakers who inspire and motivate grassroots action.

How to Prevent Ice Dams and Snow Build-up on Farm Buildings


Make sure you’re watching out for ice dams and snow overload on every roof of your operation.

Pace Family’s Half Circle Cross Ranch Receives Utah Leopold Conservation Award


The prestigious award recognizes farmers, ranchers and foresters who inspire others with their dedication to land, water and wildlife habitat management on private, working land.

Fork-to-Farm: How Shifting Behaviors Impact Farmers


The best thing farmers can do is truly listen to what consumers are saying – not so we can identify where consumers need education

Fall on the Farm: Some Things Don’t Change


We’ll remember this year as one for the ages. Yet, we still count our blessings and marvel at the beauty of fall.

EU to Impose Tariffs on $4 Billion in U.S. Goods


The European Union recently announced tariffs of $3.99 billion on U.S. aircraft, as well as a range of agricultural and industrial goods.

New Survey Finds Increased Trust in Farmers, Approval of Sustainability Practices


A recently released survey conducted by the American Farm Bureau suggests that a majority of Americans believe farmers and ranchers are feeding the world in a sustainable way.

Veterans Serve America a Second Time: Once Defending It, Now Feeding It


Today there are more than 250 organizations – including Farm Bureau – supporting the Farmer Veteran Coalition, a military-to-agriculture movement. A national non-profit, FVC helps veterans pursue careers in agriculture. For these men and women, farming has become their new mission.

Finding Freedom in Food Choices


Our safe and abundant food supply is one of those freedoms that many others in less fortunate countries do not have the privilege of enjoying. For us, it is everyday life.

Utah Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee Recognized for Supporting Ag Literacy


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture recently presented the Challenge Award to the Utah Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee

I’m Not a Farmer But… New York Times best-selling author shares his love of food and wild imagination


Utah Farm and Fork caught up with Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times best-selling author to talk about his memories of food and how it’s connected to memories of his childhood and even ends up in his stories.

Thoughts on Presidential Leadership


I so respect and admire the role that each of my predecessors has played in ensuring a voice for the American farmer.

Estate Taxes Are A Threat to Family Farms


When estate taxes on an agricultural business exceed cash and other liquid assets, surviving family partners may be forced to sell land, buildings or equipment needed to keep their businesses running.

H-2A Final Rule Gives Farmers Predictability, Stability


The final H-2A rule announced this week by the Department of Labor gives farmers predictability in farm employee wages.

BLM seeks bids for off-range corrals in the West  for excess wild horses and burros


Facilities must be located in the states of Idaho, Nevada or Utah

Voting in America


A strong showing from rural America on Election Day will echo in the halls of Congress as well as in every state’s capitol.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Issues Final Rule to Update Adverse Effect Wage Rate to Help Farmers & Ranchers


The DOL announced a final rule that updates the methodology for determining the annual Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) in the H-2A visa program

2020 UDAF Relief Grant deadline is November 9


Immediate economic relief is available in the form of one-time grants of up to $40,000 per agricultural operation

Sheep ranchers facing market severely impacted by Covid-19 pandemic


The Sheep market has been hit with a double whammy from the pandemic

The State: The 2020 Election and Afterwards


Farm Bureau remains focused on the mission to address the issues impacting rural Americans and those who farm or ranch, work in agriculture or the food industry and for consumers who eat and use American-grown and -raised products.

Gray Wolf Removed from Endangered Species List


State and tribal wildlife management agencies will now be responsible for the management and protection of the gray wolf.

Election Season in Farm Country


This is a critical time for our country, and for farmers and ranchers

Power Take-off Safety: How to Prevent Injuries on Your Farm


Check out these tips to help prevent injuries and avoid power take-off accidents on your farm or ranch.

Farmers Need Permanent Fix for Estate Tax


Expiring estate tax exemption levels could threaten family farms in the future if a permanent change isn’t made by Congress.

Finalists Selected for Utah Leopold Conservation Award


The award recipient will be formally presented with $10,000 and a crystal award on November 20 at the Utah Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention in Provo

Agritourism Offers New Opportunities for Young Farmers


Incorporating agritourism into a farm or ranch offers numerous benefits, but it’s best to start this new aspect of your business gradually.

iFarmiVote is Your One Stop for Election Information


Let’s declare, loud and clear, “I farm, and I vote!”

Prevent Your Carved Creation from Becoming a Fungal Fiasco


See how to keep your pumpkin from becoming a mushy mess after carving

AFBF Encourages Rural America to Participate in Prescription Drug Take Back Day


The American Farm Bureau Federation encourages rural residents to participate in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day this Saturday

Small Farm, Big Dreams for Southern Utah Farmer


While growing food has ups and downs unique from any other industry, Wilson just adapts as his family has for generations

Ag Education Is Always in Season


Teaching the next generation about where their food comes from is a truly special privilege.

Farm Bureau Launches Think F.A.S.T. (Farm & Ag Safety Training) for Youth


The training is available at no cost to anyone interested in learning about farm safety (Farm Bureau membership is not required for access).

Reviewing State-Level Farm Economic Conditions


While net farm profitability was estimated higher in 2019, due in large part to increased ad hoc support, net farm income in many states continues to be well below the previous decade’s average.

Tamales –Flavor and Tradition Packed in a Simple Dish


As early as the 1870’s tamale carts were a prevalent feature of Los Angeles’ streets.

Allred Orchards – Living to Farm, Farming to Live


While the fruit grown by the Allred family has a reputation for being top quality, the lessons learned from experience on the farm may be its true lasting legacy.

Voting – A Priceless American Right


Like consumers who do their research before making a big purchase, voters can take steps to make informed election decisions.

The State: of Voter Turnout in 2020


By all measures, the 2020 election is on track to have the highest turnout of any election in more than a century

HAULS Act Provides Flexibility for Transporting Ag Commodities and Livestock


The HAULS Act would make three important incremental changes to the agricultural exemption to hours-of-services rules.

The State: of the Debates (Redux)


Through a series of articles we call The State, the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Advocacy and Political Affairs team is providing analysis related to "the state of" various aspects of the 2020 campaign season, including the race for the White House and key elections around the country.

Farm Groups Seek Additional COVID-19 Protections for Farm Workers


The American Farm Bureau Federation and other farm groups are calling on the White House to provide additional COVID-19 protection for farm workers.

Trump Administration Invests Nearly $700,000 in Assistance for Utah Agricultural Producers


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing nearly $700,000 to help four agricultural producers across rural Utah develop and market new value-added products.

Advancing as an Advocate for Agriculture


Progressing as an advocate for agriculture requires perseverance, self-knowledge and awareness of top-of-mind issues for consumers

Farm Bureau Supports HAULS Act in Congress


A bill introduced in the Senate this week provides agricultural producers much-needed flexibility for hauling agricultural commodities and livestock.

Positivity During the Pandemic


We need each other in every single community across this great nation, urban and rural.

Ag Groups Call for More Resources to Protect Employees, Communities from Coronavirus


Expanding the pandemic response beyond the farm gate and into farming communities will be critical to ensuring the well-being of employees, their families and their neighbors.

Utah Dept. of Ag Helps Explain SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules


Although guidance has been released, concerns exists on the reasonings of the limitations that have been put in place

American Farm Bureau Foundation Launches ‘Easy Button’ for Elementary Ag Education


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture unveiled a new webpage dedicated to helping students & parents learn where their food comes from

COVID-19 Continues to Drive the Evolution of the Retail Food Landscape


The dramatic shift to online food purchasing by consumers has the been the biggest growth-driver during the pandemic

Breaking Down CFAP 2.0


Sign-up for CFAP2 runs Sept. 21 through Dec. 11 through USDA’s Farm Service Agency county offices.

Second Batch of Coronavirus Assistance Will Help More Farmers


The coronavirus pandemic hit at a time when farmers and ranchers were continuing to struggle with low prices due to reduced exports.

The State: of a SCOTUS Confirmation and the 2020 Election


The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will have an immediate impact on the 2020 presidential election by adding another unique element to a campaign that is anything but ordinary.

Pledge to Vote in November!


Farm Bureau is working to ensure that farmers and ranchers make an impact at the polls in two ways: encouraging them to vote and helping them to be informed voters.

Farmers and Ranchers Tell Candidates, ‘iFarmiVote’


The pledge demonstrates Farm Bureau members’ high level of civic engagement

USDA to Provide Additional Direct Assistance to Farmers and Ranchers Impacted by the Coronavirus


Expansion of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Begins Sept. 21

Trump, Biden Outline Agricultural Priorities


For the past 40 years, Farm Bureau has asked every presidential candidate to provide responses to issues likely to impact and affect farmers and ranchers and rural communities in the next 4 years. Both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have provided their answers.

The State: of the Known Unknowns


Through a series of articles we call The State, the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Advocacy and Political Affairs team is providing analysis related to "the state of" various aspects of the 2020 campaign season, including the race for the White House and key elections around the country.

USDA Reminds Farmers of September 30 Deadline to Update Safety-Net Program Crop Yields


The last time farmers could update yields for these safety-net programs was in 2014

Utah Farm Bureau Joins Coalition to Support Federal Wildfire Bill


The bipartisan legislation being considered will expedite forest management, accelerate post-fire restoration and reforestation, and remove dead and dangerous wood from national forests.

Make Time for Family Meal Time – It’s Worth the Effort


September if National Family Meal Month, and a great way to introduce new ways to find success at mealtimes

USDA Designates 14 Utah Counties as Primary Natural Disaster Areas


Farmers & ranchers in several Utah counties who suffered losses due to recent drought may be eligible for USDA emergency loans

September – A Time to Remember, Find Hope and Have Faith


Although those in agriculture are known for their traditions, unparalleled hope and optimism, they face some realities that none of us can imagine

Farmers Feeding Utah Announces Fourth ‘Miracle Project’ to Needy Families in the Uinta Basin


Miracle Project Uinta Basin, which will take place September 25, from 5-7 p.m. at the Western Park in Vernal.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Establishes Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief Fund


Louisiana farmers and ranchers will feel the economic and psychological effects of this storm through this harvest season and beyond.

Early Signs that Trade is Coming Back


Large new-crop sales are a good sign for the next marketing year.

Farm and Rural Families Should Stand up and be Counted in the 2020 Census


The U.S. Constitution calls for a complete count every 10 years of everyone living in the United States and its territories. Data collection ends Sept. 30

No Change in Land Values For 2020


Beyond 2021, and as long as COVID-19 continues to impact demand, without additional support to producers, outside of low interest rates, there will be less to support cash rents (and potentially agricultural land values) at these lofty levels.

Managing Stress in Farm Country


Long before the pandemic hit the U.S., farmers and ranchers were struggling.

Utah Division of Water Quality Helps Farms Protect Water Quality


To aid Utah’s farmers and ranchers, UDAF and Utah DEQ have begun the Agricultural Voluntary Incentive Program (AgVIP) to help farming operations develop Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs)

The Republican & Democratic National Conventions and their impact on agriculture


American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Advocacy and Political Affairs team is providing analysis related to "the state of" various aspects of the 2020 campaign season, including the race for the White House

Coronavirus No Match for H-2A Demand


Despite the challenges of the coronavirus, farmers and ranchers continued to demand H-2A workers in record numbers