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Welcome members of the media. Utah Farm Bureau is available to help you meet the needs of your readers, viewers and listeners.

Utah Farm Bureau members and staff are knowledgeable and available sources on a variety of subjects, including:

Air Quality Food Safety Regulation
Animal Welfare Food Quality Research
Agritourism Government Risk Management
Business Climate Farming Safety
Crops Health Care Sensitive Species
Education Jobs & Labor Endangered Species Act
Elections Land Use Farm Safety
Energy Lawsuits States Rights
Environment Livestock Taxes
Farm Markets Open Space Trade
Farm Policy Agriculture Marketing Transportation
Fencing Politics Water Quality
Fiscal Restraint Property Rights Wildlife
Food Affordability Public Land Zoning

For interviews, background information, story ideas or sources (farmers or staff), or if you would like to be added to our news release distribution or publications list, contact:

Matt Hargreaves
Vice President of Communications
Utah Farm Bureau Federation
Tel: 801-233-3003 (office) or 801-455-4320 (cell), @MountainFarmer on twitter


The Utah Farm Bureau was organized in the fall of 1916 by a group of Utah farmers who met in Salt Lake City. D.D. McKay of Huntsville, Utah, became the first president of the state organization. He served until 1922. The first convention was held in 1918 at the Utah Agricultural College in Logan. The first session of the convention was dedicated almost entirely to discussing the price they should seek for sugar beets. Since then, the organization has developed into the largest general agricultural organization in the state of Utah.

The American Farm Bureau was formed when farmer delegates from 30 states gathered at Chicago's LaSalle Hotel on Nov. 12, 1919. Their goal was to speak for themselves through their own national organization. It soon became local, statewide, national and international in its scope and influence. Currently there are more than 2,800 county Farm Bureaus in the United States. The first county Farm Bureau was formed in Broome County, NY in 1911. The "bureau" in Farm Bureau is used because the first Farm Bureau was formed as a "bureau" of the chamber of commerce in Broome County. Missouri was the first state to form a statewide organization in March of 1915.

To order a copy of the Utah Farm Bureau's Centennial History book, contact Matt Hargreaves at 801-233-3003 or click on the link below to order it securely online.