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Utah Farm Bureau President appears on "County Seat' to talk impact of trade tariffs


Utah Farm Bureau President Ron Gibson appeared on "The County Seat' with Miles Hansen of the World Trade Center of Utah to talk about the impact trade tariffs are having on local farmers & ranchers

Utah Peaches Prove Hard to Beat as Tasty Summer Treat


Though there may be disagreements as to which part of the state produces the best crop of peaches, few can argue it isn’t an iconic taste of the summer.

Putting down roots: Refugees using agriculture to resettle in a new home


As refugees flee their countries in staggering numbers, resettlement programs are turning toward a way of life that overcomes cultural and language barriers everywhere — agriculture.

If I Only Had Five Minutes


If I only had five minutes to share with you the lessons I learned on Grandpa’s farm, it would be hard to talk to you about all the lessons of service, sacrifice, and generosity that I learned

No Clowning Around


Rodeo clowns play an integral role in the entertainment of the fans, and more importantly, to the safety of the cowboys participating in this high adrenaline sport

Stop federal water extortion, Farm Bureau says


Land managers in the West increasingly demand that ranchers who work federal land surrender their water rights to the government or get off the range

Americans Say Agriculture is Sustainable, Favor Incentives Over Regs


Sustainability: From the notion of a modern farm or ranch being economically able to sustain a family, to the idea of working with the land in a manner that supports food and fiber production for future generations, the word means different things to different people.

Waste Wool Works Wonders


A Utah sheep ranchers looks to boost revenue for sheep ranchers everywhere, as well as innovate a new product with a previously discarded resource

Pasture to Plate: How beef is raised


As ranchers, we understand the privilege it is to grow food for others to eat. There are many different opinions on how food should be raised. Here are some of the things we’ve been asked about in raising beef.

Is Ag the Answer to STEM?


STEM is a hot topic in education these days, but moving forward with purposeful STEM instruction is easier said than done. Dr. Kristopher Elliott, addresses how agriculture may be the answer to bringing STEM instruction into context for students.

Picking the Perfect Sweet Corn Ear


When looking for a great ear of sweet corn, feel the cob; check the girth of the cob itself and the tip. A tip that has more girth means the ear of corn has had enough time to mature and the sugars in the kernel are developed

Farmers and Ranchers Urge Congress to Take up TPP After Recess


In Utah, the TPP agreement is expected to increase cash receipts and net exports by $59.6 million and $39.3 million per year respectively. It is estimated that the increased marketing opportunities for Utah’s farmers and ranchers will add nearly 300 jobs to the Utah economy.

Trump vs. Clinton


On Nov. 8 the country will go to the polls to elect the 45th president of the United States. As was seen in the convention speeches and themes, the contrast in messages and direction of the country is equally clear.

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Helps Washington, D.C., Kids Learn about Agriculture


Partnering with the YMCA, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture took part in an educational event to teach urban children about agriculture.

Food Waste Infographics Tell a Compelling Story


Reducing Food Loss Starting on the Farm illustrates how fungicides, herbicides and other crop protection tools help reduce food loss starting on the farm.

Blake Hurst on Michael Pollan and His Faddish Foodie Followers


"‘Ethical eating’ has taken the food world by storm, but the farms that produce most of our food have changed very little. Thank goodness,” wrote Blake Hurst, president of Missouri Farm Bureau, in his National Review article “Michael Pollan and His Faddish Foodie Followers, Ten Years After The Omnivore’s Dilemma.”

Infographic: How Do We Preserve Our Habitat?


“How do we preserve our habitat?” is a new infographic from GMO Answers. The infographic illustrates that GMOs are one tool that can improve crop yields by allowing fewer acres to produce the same amount of food, which can help save critical animal and plant ecosystems including forests, parks and pastures.

Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk & 5 Other Misconceptions Kids Have about Agriculture


A new American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture blog post dispels several misconceptions kids have about agriculture, including “brown cows make chocolate milk.”

How Much Do You Know About Gluten?


You’ve probably noticed that there are more gluten-free products and options at grocery stores, restaurants, and back-yard barbecues. Ten years ago, most people had never even heard of gluten. Now it’s estimated that one in three Americans are trying to avoid it. But how much do you really know about gluten? Gluten-free diets can be healthy—but they can also be very unhealthy. It all depends on what foods you include and how much you actually eat.

Getting the Garden Ready: Nutri-Mulch Worth its Weight in Gold


Utah turkey farmers producing supercharged Nutrimulch compost for your garden, yards, and lawns.

What Utah ranchers can do to reduce uncertainty in their livestock businesses


Kathleen Clarke, Director of the Utah Governor's Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office (PLPCO), presents the reasons behind the grazing rights conference. Tony Rampton & Redge Johnson, also from PLPCO also present.