Farm Safety


The Utah Farm & Home Safety Program offers safety programs to county Farm Bureaus, any farmer or rancher, civic and charitable organizations, schools and churches. The services of our Vice President of Farm Safety, A. J. Ferguson, will help create a safer workplace and prevent worker injuries.

Thanks to Utah Labor Commission for supporting this important program through the Workplace Safety Grant.  Their support helps make this program available to all Utah farmers and ranchers for little to no cost.

The Need

The National Safety Council reports the number of fatalities reaching close to 650 and severe disabling injuries surpassing 70,000. (Injury Facts--2009 edition)  It is clear an agricultural safety program is essential to aid in bring awareness and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of Utah farmers and ranchers, their families and employees.  There is a strong call to continue educating farmers and ranchers about the necessity of having and maintaining proper insurance coverage for the benefit of their employees.

Providing and Meeting the Needs

Utah Farm Bureau's Safety and Health Program was created in October 1987 and has assisted in countless safety trainings, available in both English and Spanish, as well as written safety policy program implementations.

Available Programs:

  • Utah Farm Extrication – Course developed to aid rural EMS, FIRE, and EMTs in rural extrication and firefighting.
  • Confidential Workplace Safety Inspections
  • Risk Management
  • Farmedic – Each year, needless injuries and deaths occur to farmers, family members, farm employees, and rescue personnel. Emergency responders often lack knowledge of the nature of farm machinery, chemicals, and farm structures; in addition, some rescue techniques may actually increase the risk to the victim and rescue personnel. Training and education in the methods of farm/rural rescue are essential for proper response and safety to the rescuer and patient. The main goal of the Cornell Farmedic Training Program is to provide rural fire/rescue responders with a systematic approach to farm rescue procedures that address the safety of both patients and responders.
  • ATV and motorcycle safety training – for farm use and recreational use, including the Utah State Parks and Recreation safety certificate.
  • Continued Education Units (CEU) – for applicators that need to renew their licenses with Utah Department of Agriculture.
  • Tractor Certification Course – structured for 14 – 15 year old students to meet Federal Child Labor Law requirements.
  • First on the scene – Safety training for farmers, farm workers and farm families stressing emergency situation reaction plans.
  • State and Federal Regulations Consultation – review regulations that apply to agriculture.
  • Age Appropriate Task Training – designed to help parents and grandparents understand how to protect their families.
  • EPA Worker Protections Standard training – an aid to help agricultural employers to become compliant or remain compliance with the pesticide applicators license.
  • FFA Safety Presentation – Meet with local chapters and provide farm safety and rural health training to help youth understand the potential risks involved in agriculture.
  • Rural School Safety Training – course designed to provide awareness of the hazards that exist on farms. For all ages of youth.
  • Farm Field Days – Present a brief message on simple farm safety, ATV safety or bicycle safety.
  • Heat Stress Safety
  • Ladder Safety

Useful Links

For more information, contact A.J. Ferguson, UFBF Vice President of Farm Safety, at 801-233-3006 or