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New Resource--County Fair Toolkit

Breakfast on the Farm

Looking for a new way to engage with consumers? Check out these ideas!

Breakfast on the Farm

Breakfast on the Farm

Corn on the Cob

Corn Academy

Utah Apple Crunch

Utah Apple Crunch

Utah Farm Bureau Farmers Market at Murray Park

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt

Ron Gibson on the Dairy

Farm Tours

National Ag Day

National Ag Week

Strawberry DNA

Strawberry DNA 


Who Grew My Pizza?

Ag Promotion Ideas 

  1. Host an "Ask a Farmer" campaign at a local grocery store.
  2. Plant a community garden.
  3. Work with your local historical society to do a then and now agricultural exhibit.
  4. Conduct a Facebook live video on a tractor during planting or harvest.
  5. Gather a group of farmers to glean produce for a  local food bank.
  6. Create a garden club with the local senior center.
  7. Work with your local library to make an "accurate agriculture" book nook, or summer reading program.
  8. Obtain new followers on your county Farm Bureau Facebook.  
  9. Host a corn pit at a local festival or fair.
  10. Sell t-shirts promoting agriculture.
  11. Create a county Farm Bureau Snapchat.
  12. Provide t-shirts to county FB members who post photos of themselves on their farm.
  13. Share agricultural facts on your county Farm Bureau social media platforms.
  14. Gather canned goods or fresh produce to donate to your local food bank. (Donations typically go down during the summer, but the need is high.)
  15. Create a YouTube video or video series raising agriculture awareness.
  16. Create a county Farm Bureau parade float.
  17. Bring your tractor to school day.
  18. Host a Chamber of Commerce lunch.
  19. Bring your drone (or other farm technology) to schools, career days, chamber of commerce lunches.
  20. Host a "Moms of Preschoolers" day at your farm.
  21. Sponsor a safety Public Service Announcement before the movies at your local movie theater.
  22. Write an Ag op-ed piece for your local newspaper or promote Agriculture on a local radio station.
  23. Partner with your Farm Bureau insurance agent to conduct the biggest pumpkin contest.
  24. Give away a Utah's Own food basket to teachers in your district for Teacher Appreciation Week.
  25. Host a live remote Zoom web conference from your farm. Zoom into classrooms, city councils, etc.
  26. Plan a Farm Bureau prep (and recruitment) night for your local FFA chapter prior to contests.
  27. Be a guest speaker at a Collegiate Farm Bureau meeting.
  28. Serve as a Discussion Meet judge.
  29. Host a Harvest for All benefit event.
  30. Challenge county Farm Bureau members to post a #WhyIFarm photo on social media.

Wondering How to Get and Keep Great Volunteers?  

What Motivates a Person to Volunteer?

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